Terms and Privacy

Coinrate is an exchange that allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies freely with each other, with safety and practicality, from any country in the world. The terms herein shall apply to all operations and activities of the users of this site as well as trades, and etc.

Terms of Use

By opening an account with Coinrate you agree to the Terms of Use stated on this page. The Coinrate reserves the right, at its discretion, add, modify or remove portions of these Terms of Agreement at any time. Your continued use of Coinrate after implementation of changes to these Terms of Agreement means that you accept such changes. All addresses generated cryptocurrencies deposit in exchange, belong to Coinrate.  We will never provide your private information to anyone, for security and privacy. No order is executed, whether buying or selling, you may be reversed. Make sure what you're doing before clicking the confirm button. Only you have access to your account and you can only execute orders for purchase and sale of currencies operated in Coinrate.

Rights of Use

All content on this website, including text, names, data, logos, buttons, icons, code, methods, techniques, models, graphics, underlying software, is Coinrate owners and are protected by copyright. Nothing contained on this website should be used in any way, unless expressly stated by Coinrate


All risks involved in financial negotiations shall be the sole responsibility of the user. The Coinrate is not responsible for any losses. You are responsible for protecting your login and password as well as make sure that your computer is free from spyware and trojans that can handle your account without your permission. We can not do anything if your account is hijacked and their coins removed. Do not deliver private information to third parties, store them in a safe place where only you have access. The responsibility of saving your data is yours. If by chance there is any problem that is caused by Coinrate, we will try to fix ASAP. Be aware that currently the cryptocurrencies based on Bitcoin are vulnerable to attacks by 51% processing, fork blockchain, among others, especially new cryptocurrencies market. If any attack or failure in these systems cryptocurrencies, the only thing we can do is wait for a possible solution of the original developers and there is no guarantee, as we are not responsible for the creation, development and maintenance of cryptocurrencies.

Fees and Deadlines

Coinrate reserves the right to charge FEE which can vary from 0.25% to 3% per trade, as well as fixed fees for withdrawals. This tax is levied on every transaction performed by all website users. This operation may vary and may be different for each account.


The e -mail address our users is visible only to Coinrate administrators and will never be disclosed or shared with third parties. We respect your privacy and excel for the safety of your data. Your email address will be used for Coinrate only to send notifications and system updates. We do not store any personal information about users. To register in Coinrate, just ask valid e-mail and password. To access request: email, password and authentication code (PIN code). If you lose your password, you can retrieve it using the form recovering lost passwords, a link to recover password will be sent to your email address, the same one used to register.


Coinrate and the Coinrate logo are trademarks of Coinrate. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.